XAG New Product Received - V50 Agriculture Drone

Dec 15 | 04:52 p.m. | by Admin

We are thrilled to introduce the latest XAG product that we had received last wee, XAG V50 Agriculture Drone.

XAG V50 Agriculture Drone

  • 20L tank capacity
  • 12 L/min max flow rate
  • 110 kg/min max spread rate
  • Fully autonomous
  • Twin rotor structure
  • Quick-swap task systems

Key Features

  • XAG RevoSpray 3 (Variable-rate Precision Spray)
    • 20L smart liquid tank with 20kg max payload, save water and chemicals.
    • High-frequency pulse peristaltic pump generates 12 L/min max flow rate.
    • Rotary atomizing nozzles provide 60-400 um droplet size.
  • XAG RevoCast 3 (Vertical Accurate Spreading)
    • 25L container, fast spreading with 12m/s max flight speed. 
    • Spread rate reaches 110kg/min for seeds and fertilizer spreading.
    • 4 - 8m spread width, centrifugal spreading disc enhances wind resistance.
  • XAG RealTerra2 (Field Mapping with Ease)
    • Preset parameters on APP to execute high-definition mapping.
    • Fast surveying 13 hectares in single flight, generate maps without internet.
    • Automatic 3D route planning for hard-to-access mountains and orchards. 
  • 2 Modes of Intelligent Control 
    • XAG One App to initiate fully autonomous and precise flight.
    • XAG ARC3 Pro Remote Controller enables convenient manual control.
    • Switch drone interaction ways based on personal needs.  
  • Radar System (4D Imaging Radar for Safe Flight)
    • 1.5 - 40m detection range.
    • Maximum relative speed of obstacle avoidance reaches 8m/s.
    • Dual pilot-slight-livestream cameras to keep track of field condition. 
  • Power System (SuperCharge Electric Powering)
    • Water-cooling charging technology effectively dissipates heat. 
    • One B13960S battery fully charges in 11 minutes. 
    • Two batteries with GC4000+ Auto SuperCharger Station can support all-day non-stop operation. 

For more information, you may visit https://www.iradar.com.my/gotani/drone_servies/ or reach out to our GoTani team at sales@iradar.com.my