What is Object Counting and How It Benefits Us?

Nov 12 | 02:48 p.m. | by iRadar News

Object counting is to count the number of object instances in a single image and it is very useful in various situations. In line with the growth of satellites, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), drones, closed-circuit televisions (CCTVs), the volume of collected images are getting bigger. With a machine that can automatically detect and count target objects from the images, much insights can be gathered to make informed business decisions. Some examples are as follows:


ü  CCTVs on walkways or at the entrance of a shop shoot the images of pedestrians. By training the machine to recognize humans, the number of potential customers can be estimated. Resources can then be optimized for peak hours or peak seasons to maximize profits.

ü  Drones or UAVs can be used to take photos of a fruit farm. By training the machine to identify fruit trees or even ripe fruits, the amount of return can be estimated. Profits can be maximized by planting more trees in less populated regions or directing manpower to harvest only the ripe fruits.

ü  For larger objects like buildings, satellite images are more useful. By training the machine to detect houses, the size of a neighbourhood can be estimated. Empty spaces can be used more efficiently to build more facilities.


iRadar uses this technology in one of its products which is Drone Mapping Service. The solutions provide farmers with the right equipment to scout their field to perfection by providing accurate and smart data that farmers can use to forecast future expectations, optimize inputs, and react quickly to possible threats.

Drone Mapping Service included surface and terrain analysis to get pictures on the land surface profiling and topography. It also provides NDVI Mapping, which normalized the difference vegetation index about plant health and growth.

Besides, the Drone Mapping Service help the farmer to less guessing about the land usage and able to monitor and detect complicated stressors effect of plant growth.

Object counting is used in plan counting. By counting the number of plants in the farm, the landowner can precisely understand the land usage. Understanding the land usage enables the landowner to get a better picture of the overall plantation progress and plan for the next land usage optimization.

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