We are now ISO 9001:2015 Certified!

Jun 05 | 10:44 a.m. | by Admin

Since last year, we have embarked on a thorough and exciting journey to achieve ISO 9001 certification, highlighting our unwavering commitment to quality management. After diligent preparations, we successfully completed both the ISO 9001 Stage 1 and Stage 2 audits and proudly received our certification in May 2024. 

This rigorous process involved meticulously reviewing and documenting all operational procedures to align with ISO 9001 standards. Our employees underwent training on quality management principles, and internal audits were conducted to spot and fix any deviations. By gearing up for the audit, our company aimed to boost customer satisfaction, streamline operations, and foster a culture of continuous improvement. 

Achieving the ISO 9001 certification is a testament to our dedication to maintain high quality standards. Congratulations to the entire team for this remarkable achievement!