Vision Artificial Intelligence for Vision Inspection System

Dec 20 | 05:58 p.m. | by iRadar News

What is Vision AI?

Vision AI (or known as Computer Vision) is a technique that belongs to the Artificial Intelligence field and was developed to train the computer to replicate the human vision system. This technology is widely used in vision inspection systems to detect and process objects in images as humans do.

Vision AI teaches computers to execute similar tasks using cameras to capture data and algorithms to process the captured image. This technology contributes so much to a big-scale production such as a factory as it ables the assessment of hundreds of product inspections quickly. The inspection includes detecting faults that are invisible to human eyes.


What is Machine Learning?


Machine learning is a technique that allows a computer to train itself about the context of visual input using algorithmic models. If enough data is supplied into the model, the computer will "look" at the data and distinguish between images. Instead of training the machine to recognize an image, algorithms allow it to learn independently.


Smart AI Vision

By utilizing this technology, iRadar offers a commercial functional test system, a Smart AI Vision product, the best solutions for product validation, minimum human error invention that meet the specification and requirements as desired. It is designed for production testing which the solutions are optimized for throughput, reliability, repeatability, and cost.



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