Smart Farming Set Up at Our Machap Demo Farm

Jan 23 | 11:28 a.m. | by Admin

Our team had successfully implemented the smart farming set up at our Machap demo farm on 16th January 2024. We had implemented the first phase plan to modernise the farm which is the farm digitisation. We had done the tree profiling and tree tagging services where each tree will be assigned and tagged with a unique QR code tree tag. It can provide different identity for every tree in the farm. The QR code tree tag allows the farm owner to identify and categorize each tree within their farm and the tree location of each planted tree will be available in GoTani platform. 

Besides that, the smart farming set up included the deployment and installation of IoT stations which are capable of monitoring and collecting the data on weather (temperature, wind speed and direction, rainfall intensity and humidity) and soil conditions (soil NPK macro-nutrient monitoring, soil moisture, temperature, EC and PH monitoring). This installation can facilitate the real-time data collection and monitoring. 

The smart farming set up can help the farm owner to enhance the efficiency and precision in the agricultural practices in their farm. With this set up, the owners can improve their farm management and make more informed decisions. Stay tuned for more updates and news on how our team continue to shape the future of agriculture through smart technology solutions!

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