Oriental Daily News: iRadar GoTani Helps Smallholders Supervise Farmland by Provide Precision Agriculture Technology

May 12 | 10:06 a.m. | by iRadar News

iRadar established the GoTani platform, aiming to popularize precision agriculture technology and improve the quality and level of agriculture in the country. It offers small and medium-sized garden owners to have a better understanding of their garden through the analyzed data.

During an interview with Oriental Daily, iRadar CEO, Prof. Ir. Dr. Koo mentioned that GoTani is a precision agriculture service platform that provides services including data collection, processing and solutions.

When everyone talks about agricultural technology, everyone will think of drone technology. In fact, drone technology is not the whole of AI intelligence. Drone technology also has its limitations. Not all crops are suitable, even though they are among the relevant technology.

GoTani uses drones to fly to do mapping of the garden, which provide information including the distance between the tree, type of crops, and performing soil analysis. Then, the data will be sent to the server in real-time through the sensor and positioning system to identify the fertilization and moisture content.

In addition to collecting data and analysis of the garden, GoTani also launched a mobile application to allow garden owners to monitor the situation of the garden in real-time. By using the mobile app, owners can check the garden data and track the root of the problem. For example, when there is a problem with the growth of crops, they can trace the root problem through the system, and the owner can go to the particular area according to the coordinates provided by the system for inspections.

Besides, some garden owners had a lack of experience, which affected the growth and harvest of crops. This problem can be solved by mobile phone monitoring functions. For example, many automatic irrigation systems for agricultural land fix the amount of water for each watering, but this does not count the rainfall. If it rains that day, and the automatic irrigation system is turned on, it will cause excessive water content in the crops.

With the advent of the agricultural technology era, iRadar encourages small owners to use GoTani to supervise their gardens at affordable prices. 

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