iRadar is Awarded Technology Breakthrough Award

Aug 16 | 10:59 a.m. | by iRadar News

2019 was a great year for iRadar. iRadar continues its journey with another great achievement, iRadar won the Technology Breakthrough Award with the ground deformation monitoring system based on Ground-Based Aperture Radar system (GBSAR). 

GBSAR is used to monitor high-risk landslide areas as it is designed to be able to detect sub-mm movement on natural and synthetic objects. High-resolution change detection is beneficial to disaster monitoring, risk assessment as well as for the establishment of an early warning framework for hazard management. It can be applied in various areas to monitor the surface deformation of earth environments (such as landslides, terrain subsidence, falling rocks, glaciers, avalanches, volcanoes, etc.) as well as man-made structures (such as bridges, buildings, towers, dams, roads, etc.). 

Great thanks to both iRadar CEO and CTO, Prof. Ir. Dr. Koo and Associate Professor Ts. Ir. Dr. Chan Yee Kit for being the mastermind behind the innovation. 

Kunming Regional International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition was held in Kunming Southeast Asia Industry Cooperation Center in 2019 . There were a number of countries competing in the event including Malaysia, Indonesia, and Bangladesh. 


For more exciting info on GBSAR, please refer this link