iRadar GoTani Team: Enhancing Green House Management Using Agriculture Drone

Jul 05 | 12:02 p.m. | by Admin

Our GoTani team has successfully implemented green house shading using agriculture drone recently. Using drone for green house shading is an innovative approach that combines modern technology with precision agricultural which offers few benefits. 

The agriculture drone provides efficient coverage for large green house areas. Drones can quickly apply shading coatings, reducing both labor costs and time. By using drone, the shading coatings can quickly apply with exact thickness and coverage, ensuring uniform light distribution and promoting balanced plant growth. 

Drones help conserve resources by precisely controlling the amount of shading material used and minimizing waste. The efficiency of drone operations also reduces energy and labor resource consumption. In term of sustainability, using drones can reduce the dependence on traditional machinery which can support more sustainable agricultural practices. 

Overall, drone-based greenhouse shading is a highly efficient, flexible, and safe method that significantly improves the management efficiency and precision of green house. Stay tuned for more news as we transform agriculture with cutting-edge smart solution! For more information, you may visit or reach out to our GoTani team at