iRadar CEO, Prof. Ir. Dr Koo Voon Chet on Digital Transformation and Smart Sensing 4.0 During The MTDC Industry 4.0 TechWeek

Sep 17 | 03:22 p.m. | by iRadar News

iRadar Chief Executive Officer, Prof. Ir. Dr Koo Voon Chet was invited as on of the speakers during the MITDC Industry 4.0 TechWeek, held on 14th September 2021. In line with the event's theme, Prof. Ir. Dr Koo delivered his topic  about Digital Transformation and Smart Sensing 4.0, discussing how digital transformation improves the quality of life through smart sensing 4.0 technology.

The smart sensing solutions provide farmers with the digital farm equipment to scout their field up to soil automate the framing process, forecast future expectations, optimize inputs, and react quickly to possible threats.

The MTDC Industry 4.0 TechWeek is set to provide a platform to exhibit the local capabilities of i4.0 technology/solutions providers and provide  B2B business matching between suppliers, providers, and ecosystem players. It is a unique opportunity for business matching, learning, exchanging opinions and expanding one's network-enabled by dynamic networking in the sphere of robotics, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, digital technologies.

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