iRadar AI Vision Inspection System

Feb 15 | 10:50 a.m. | by Admin

AI Vision Inspection System by iRadar is a commercial functional test systems for a wide range of industrial production test applications are available from us. Our solutions are optimised for throughput, reliability, reproducibility, and cost are designed for production testing. 

Features Highlight: 

  1. State-of-the-art technology – It implements self-learned classification and uses machine processing will increase productivity. 
  2. Increase productivity – High throughput and automated processing with instant data processing will increase productivity.
  3. Seamless integration – It is IR4.0 ready and customizable to the existing workflow.
  4. Consistent results – The system can eliminate human error and also perform a 100% QC check. 

Product Benefits: 

  1. Object Counting – Count the number of samples in seconds, support major camera system available on market. Support customization and can easily be integrated to any process, machines or equipment. 
  2. Offset Measurement – User configurable tolerance for the inspected parts. Overall results are available in a glance. 
  3. Template Matching – An efficient solution for QC test with the capability of setting golden sample for similarity comparison within seconds. 
  4. Smart Defect Detection – Simple and ease setup with user-configurable tolerance for the inspected parts.